Building Our New Path

The 15th Annual First Nations Housing Conference took place on February 7 – 10, 2017 at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The First Nations Housing Conference Working Group would like to commend funders and sponsors for their continued support, and acknowledge the speakers and tradeshow exhibitors that attended and shared their knowledge and expertise. Most importantly, THANK YOU to the delegates that came from across Ontario and Canada to participate in FNHC 2017. The delegates are the reason this Conference has been such a success for the past 15 years! Miigwetch.


Lac Seul First Nation

The Lac Seul First Nation has spent considerable time and effort in developing a comprehensive set of governance, administrative and housing policies. The community’s leadership is committed to the strengthening of its governing system, establishing a land tenure system and expanding home ownership options for its membership.

As Lac Seul works towards a future that promises a thriving economy and sustainable housing for all, the people involved in creating this potential should not be overlooked. Special thanks are extended to the Ke-Nawind Housing Development Authority, band leadership, and the members of the community for the hard work and commitment they have shown and their interest in the future of Las Seul.


Tub / Shower Framing

The Builders Challenge event was once again hosted by TV and Radio personality and all ’round handyman Jon Eakes. The challenge consists of 4 demonstrations and competitions detailing proper techniques for Tub and Shower Framing.

These demonstrations taught delegates:

  • where and when to use what types of drywall as well as proper layout, installation and fastening;
  • how to properly mud, tape, sand and finish drywall joints, inside and outside corners and fastener penetrations;
  • the proper techniques to fit and install a tub surround;
  • and the proper techniques and tricks of the trade to properly install baseboard and window trim and bathtub caulking.


Download the workshop PDFs (if available).

  • Amber’s Fire Safety Campaign Overview & Fire Safety Panel Discussion
  • First Nations Fire Protection Strategy
  • Fire Code Compliance and Basic Home Fire Safety
  • National Building Code Update