Shelter – Conserve – Sustain

The 9th Annual First Nations Northern Housing Conference took place on February 15, 16 & 17, 2011 at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The First Nations Northern Housing Conference Working Group would like to thank our generous funders and sponsors for their continued support, and the speakers and tradeshow exhibitors for sharing their knowledge and expertise. Most importantly, we would like to thank the delegates for coming from across Ontario and Canada to join us. Your participation is the reason this conference has been such a resounding success for so many years.


Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation

In 2001 the Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation created a long-term housing strategy and plan. The plan was delivered as a result of a community survey that asked how many community members would be interested in owning homes. Once the plan was drafter, discussion began and the housing plan was finalized in 2004.

The housing plan included construction of 40 new residential units, and 47 new units have been completed, including a 6-plex. The plan also included a Home Improvement program to refurbish 60 units. This has seen 33 completed under a CMHC program and 15 more under a band-operated program.

As part of their strategy, an apprenticeship and training program was developed. A Housing Project Construction Team was implemented, with intent to train a community member to take over the implementation of the renovation projects, and by the end of 2011, four community members will be certified journeymen carpenters.


Exterior Doors

The Builders Challenge event was once again hosted by TV and Radio personality and all ’round handyman Jon Eakes. The challenge consists of 4 demonstrations and competitions detailing proper techniques for building Stairs.

These demonstrations taught delegates:

  • how to prepare and weatherproof an exterior door opening the right way with the proper installation of the sheathing membrane, elastometric membrane and drip cap flashing;
  • to properly install and fasten an exterior door in its opening with the proper installation of shims, blocking, fastening and the installation of cross stud blocking at the hinge points for increased security;
  • to insulate and air seal an exterior door opening, including the proper installation of poly air and vapour barriers, exterior caulking and insulation around the door frame;
  • and how to improve the security of an exterior door with the addition of some easy to install products and installation techniques.